Monday, January 9, 2012

On the Cheap- Entertainment

 Imagine being stuck by the side of a guy who is used to constantly moving. A guy who has to be reminded to stop working and/or playing long enough to eat. And now that guy is unable to work (doctors orders) and physically unable to sit/stand/lie down in the same place for any length of time. Now imagine that you're the kind of gal who can't stand to see anyone in pain. A gal who always has to have a "fix" for whatever ails ya. Oh boy it's a circus around here! Sure it's nice that the weather is pleasant, but if you can't go outside and enjoy it, well it might as well be a blizzarding.... So I've been working on ways to entertain ourselves in the house that don't cost an arm and a leg. Here's what we've got going so far:

 Puzzles! I found the puzzle that I started last spring and didn't get time to finish before the gardening frenzy started! It now has a permanent home on the coffee table- DH and I drift to and from it as the whim (or pain) allows. It's been fun to see what the other has done and try to add a piece or two.

 Movies! For less than the price of 2 monthly movie admissions to the local theater, we have an unlimited supply of instant movies and 1-at-a-time dvd rentals. That's perfect for us! DH can pause a flick to stretch and change seats, I can pause a flick to make popcorn or run to the chicken coop. AND we can watch in our jammies with no noisy teens making out in the seats in front of us-how can you beat that???

 Board Games! When DS#1 was a young teen, he was a big Star Wars fan. And when he moved away from home he was kind enough to leave his Star Wars Monopoly game behind. So we have a Monopoly marathon going on at the kitchen table. As with the puzzle, we can play and stop as we please. At this stage of the game (day 4) Han Solo has a lot more cities and space ports than Princess Leia-but she has a good cash stockpile!

 And last, but not least, the laptops! Our internet service is not the greatest but for our location and the small price we pay for it, it has been a real life saver this month! Looking at the picture, I have to wonder...Is he chatting with buddies on Facebook? or losing a game of Chess? or checking out the motorcycles on Craigslist? or (Lord, help us) looking up some weird invention on 

 So that's some of our entertainment for this week. How about you? What are some ways you save money on  fun and such?


  1. I like to get my ex-addict roommates wound up on caffeine beverages and watch them carry conversations across multiple rooms of the house. Also, the Amazon Kindle is good.

  2. LOL - a Hubby in pj's sitting in a recliner with a laptop. I have one of those too!

  3. we have had to find entertainment as well since the birth of our daughter 21 yrs agao. It is alwways hard for others to understand that our lives differ soo much compared to others. Those that are used to hopping in a car do not understand it takes us ten minutes to get ready and loaded, we cannot go to someplace due to wheelchair mobility and such. I congradulate you both on adjusting to a new lifestyle. Another form of entertainment for us is the Wii, does give some physical activity althoug not as much. May you continue in a healthy life together:)


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