Monday, January 23, 2012

Disappointed Poultry

 It's that time of the month- the time when the chickens, guineas, and ducks are hanging around that spot in the yard where all the leftovers and unused food items get pitched. Unfortunately for them, this homesteader is getting more savvy in her attempts to have less wasted food.
 Yes, she really did intend to try her hand at making homemade cranberry relish for Christmas dinner. But circumstances being what they were, the fact that there was a dinner of any sort was just short of a miracle. So the experiment didn't happen (much to DH's dismay- he loves cranberry relish.) But did those backyard birds get to feast on that unopened bag of cranberries lurking in the crisper drawer?? Nope, the lady homesteader found a recipe for cranberry bread on the back of that bag and rescued every last one of those tart little berries (much to DH's delight!)
 And that stash of evaporated milk in the pantry? All those shiny little cans full of rich, creamy, goodness? Those poor birds are finding out that there is no use waiting for that day after the expiration date that this homesteader eyes on every can of dairy product. No, she is learning so many ways to use up those extra cans before that date approaches (and boy does that help with the guilt feeling for buying too many for those Christmas recipes!) Just this week she simmered a couple of cinnamon sticks in a half cup of water for about 15 minutes. After it had cooled she shook it up in a mason jar with a can of sweetened evaporated milk. Now that made the BEST coffee creamer. and oatmeal topping. and mmm, it was good on the hot apple crisp she served after dinner tonight.
 As for the poor birds, I heard from a reliable source that a certain Hoosier Hubby has been throwing them a little extra scratch on the side- to make up for all the treats he's been getting instead of them!


  1. Good for you every bit saves!! I am going to try your cinnamon sticks tomorrow, thats a really good idea!

  2. Super great idea with the cinnamon sticks! Congratulations on using up what you have. I know how challenging that can be!


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