Sunday, January 22, 2012

Define Normal

 We got MIL and my DM home from the hospital and recuperating!  It's been a hectic time, running here and there, but I managed to keep my sanity (I even found the time to bake bread- no store bought "stuff"!) Both moms will have more surgeries to come but there is a respite while they recover from this round. DH is waiting on the insurance to come through so his surgery can be scheduled. And while we are waiting I am taking the chance to get back to normal for a few days!
 Sooo define normal. Haha- once upon a time, "normal" was running kids to band/soccer/track/scout practice/meetings, stopping at Mickey Dee's for burgers and fries, hitting the Starbucks for a Venti Mocha Mint Frap (hold the whip), dropping the dogs at the groomer for a bath, and filling up my closet with "cool" duds for my 8a-4p (weekends and summers off) job.
 Now normal is planning the garden and drooling over seed packets

and trying to find time to make laundry soap before all my "cool" Good Will duds are dirty! 

I like the new normal!


  1. I do to!! Sounds like my new normal!! :) Mom is in and out of hospital, thank God nothing bad. I just placed my order for fruit trees and cant stop looking over seeds! Have a good day!

  2. The "new normal" sounds perfect! I love this normal better myself, though there's currently lots of running kids around too. :) Glad the mom's are recouping!


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