Friday, December 9, 2011

One of THOSE Days

 Yep, that's what I'm having. I'm sure you've been there, too. You know, where the temp is low (like wind chill 30 degrees) and you're hurrying to get stuff done because tonight you're going to your mama's to make Christmas candy. And you're gonna need eggs. So you run to the coop in just your shirt sleeves 'cause you're coming right back. And on the way you see the goats need hay. So you run and get them some. And when you get in the coop, you find the waterer tipped over. So you run back to the spigot and fill it up. And as you get back in the coop you shut the door real fast 'cause the ducks are still in lock-down. And just as the door shuts, you hear the hook lock on the outside fall down. And you're still just in your shirt sleeves. And it's still around 30 degrees. But thank God you put on your boots (even though they are busted out on the backside) 'cause the water all over the floor (from the tipped over waterer) has got to be freezing cold and you have been known to hoof it down there in your slippers. You know, when you're coming right back.  And wouldn't it have been nice if you had thought to put your cell phone in your pocket before you took off for those eggs? --But if anyone calls they can just wait 'cause (you guessed it) you're coming right back.--
 It's all funny now. Now that I've slammed that coop door in and out about a gazillion times to get the lock moved. And soaked in a tub of hot water to get the feeling back in my fingers. And typed it all up to vent on poor people like you. But I figure that's okay. Now I can be here to listen to you rant when you're having one of THOSE days!
 Be back tomorrow with a yummy candy recipe to share with ya!

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  1. Oh yeah...I had one of those moments last month. I turned the tap on to fill the dogs water bowl and stepped away to do something. An hour later SM yells at me from the house (I'm outside by now). The tap had been running for an HOUR. Talk about the waste of water.


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