Saturday, December 3, 2011

Make New Friends

 Last night we ran a covert duck movement operation. After dark, when all the chickens and guineas were roosted, we put on our dark clothes and ski masks. We made up some hand signals so we could communicate without making noise. We each took a flashlight and body crawled... STOP! Even I know that is way too much over-exaggeration for this post. Why do I get so carried away?? Because it is so. much. fun!
 The truth is:  After dark we tiptoed into the temporary duck pen. But the ducks were onto us from the start. So I held a flashlight while DH cornered and caught each duck and put it into a pet carrier. Then we carried them down to the chicken coop and let them go.
 Now we have angry chickens and guineas because their coop door will be kept closed for a couple of weeks while the ducks learn that this is home. No free ranging for a while. And it turns out no one is in a hurry to make friends with the new guys in town. Hopefully, they will change their minds soon. Maybe I need to do a little icebreaker? Duck/Guinea/Chicken twister anyone??
Shy ducks


  1. I can only imagine the NOISE you're going to have to put up with!

  2. I agree... throw a twister mat and spinner in there and it will definitely loosen them up!

  3. Hey I liked the idea of belly crawling & hand signals! lol

    Hope they all settle in & make friends soon!

  4. tami- thankfully the coop is far from the house! I do find the quacks and clucks peaceful MOST of the time.

    Prairie- you have an invite to the next party here!

    Crystal- we should write a spy novel! LOL

    Except for some water issues, everything is settling down. Soon the free ranging can resume!

  5. My Hubby and I put a few ducks in with our chickens last year while we were making a pen for the ducks. The way the Chickens carried on you would think they were being killed! :)

  6. Yes!! Fabulous idea..... If poultry is involved, we'd definately have the most unique spy novel out there :)


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