Friday, December 2, 2011

Chicken Feet

 I had a pot full of chicken feet. and necks. and wing tips. You know, all those extra parts. And here I am, trying to be frugal. and responsible. and sustainable. So, I hit the internet again and after much googling I was surprised at how little info there is about using these parts.
 But I was determined. After a LOT of foot soaking and scrubbing- and let me tell you, I would have given anything for someone to give my feet that kind of treatment. I was dreaming of pedicures the whole darn time- I had the cleanest chicken feet in town!
 Into a crockpot went those feet and all the other parts. Then I threw in a few carrots, some celery stalks, and bay leaves. After a couple of hours at high heat, it started steaming so I reduced the heat to low and simmered it with the lid cracked open for 22 more hours.
 After straining out all the "stuff" I had about 3 quarts of really rich brothy liquid. I let it cool and then bagged it up and stuck it in the fridge.  And after those bags in the fridge were completely cooled- I had the most delicious gelatinous goo you could imagine, a stock perfect for soups, stews, noodles, etc... I wish it would have been pretty enough to take a picture but.. did you read the last sentence? gelatinous? ewwww!


  1. Just add the words "chicken necks" and you've done basically what we do with our chicken parts; make soup! Holy-cow-does-that-taste-Chicken-y soup!


  2. Never thought to use feet!

    To be honest though I couldn't......It's rare that I have chicken feet & when I do, they simply the dogs favorite treat ever.....I'm sure you've seen my blog post about Jasper?? Those sweet brown eyes can't be told no.... lol

    I bet your soup is fantastic with that stock!

  3. My grandmother always cooked the chicken feet. When my mother was a youngster, she remembered going to the little market down the street when they lived in the city, and the butcher had chicken feet in the case. She would buy a couple pounds and my grandmother would make soup or whatever. I believe though, that they ate the chicken feet.


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