Saturday, November 5, 2011

Indiana in the Fall(s)

 While I'm glad to be back at DH's side, I'm also grateful that he is working in Indiana. Sitting in a motel can get pretty boring after a while but DH knows that fall is my favorite season and after work yesterday, he took me to Clifty Falls State Park for some sight seeing. I didn't have hiking gear with me so we stuck to the boardwalks and paved trails but I really enjoyed getting out of the city and looking at the beautiful scenery. We were really blessed to have an eagle soaring over our heads for several minutes but we were so awestruck, we just watched with out mouths open instead of snapping pictures! Later, I did get it together and snapped some quick shots of other sights. My cell phone isn't the best at picture taking-worst would be a more apt description! (Hint, hint Santa!) But I hope you can get a sense of the wonderful scenery in my great state! Tomorrow, I'm heading back to our little home place (I hear there is a goat that's missing me!)
One of the falls

A different fall

Afternoon sunshine

Looking down the canyon


  1. Beautiful! Happy Anniversary, I agree with your post (below) 100%. (I get the same thing after 25yrs together) Astonishment!

    Me? I knew I'd married my best friend so while I might not FEEL love from time to time (more likely I want to bean him over the head) as my friend, I can forgive him and laugh at most things and move on.


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