Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm Thankful for Challenges

 It's easy to get in a rut, let life go by, day by day in a slow-moving whirl. But if I stretch myself to try new things or go a little farther on something each time I do it, I get a great feeling of satisfaction, especially when I try doing something that I think is in God's plan for my life! A while back I mentioned how I was starting to get into sewing- I even made an apron for my first project. So imagine how delighted I was to find this: a challenge from Susan @e-i-e-i-omg-a great blog!  So I took up the gauntlet-COMMITTED! Unfortunately, I've not been up to par, health-wise, lately. But I'm not a quitter! So I hunted up an apron that I had started last month and finished it up-just in time! Between doses of Nyquil and rubdowns with Vick's, I managed to come up with this

 Dh isn't home to take a picture, and everyone else in the challenge is posting pictures of themselves actually wearing their aprons, so here is my best go at it! 

  Yep, that's me, standing on the toilet, wearing the same sweatpants I've had on for 3 days. Hey I put on a clean shirt and combed my hair-what more do you want??? I swear those sweatpants only come out when I'm sick...or if there is a Star Wars marathon on tv....or if I've got a mountain of crochet....or.....

  It is going to be so neat to wear this for Thanksgiving (and I promise, I will ditch the sweatpants!)

Proverbs 31:22  She maketh herself coverings of tapestry; her clothing is silk and purple. 


  1. Really, really nice. It is SO hard to get a picture of yourself.

  2. Awesome! I want to make an apron like that with two big pockets in the front for clothes pins. I LOVE your fabric!

  3. Love the chicken material!! And kudos to you for not only finishing the apron during a NyQuil and Vicks marathon, but getting up on the toilet to take the picture! Classic! :)

  4. Getting up on the toilet in 3 day old sweatpants....TOO FUNNY! I LOVE your apron! Super cute to wear for Thanksgiving.

    ...and I love the Bible verse at the end :-)

  5. Now THAT's dedication. Standing on the toilet to get your photo in the mirror. Great apron, too! Love the chickens!!

  6. Cute, cute, cute and what a trooper for hanging in there!! I love your self-photo! :)

  7. LOVE your choice of fabrics! And I think you should get a special award for most creative self portrait! What I said earlier about us all being a bunch of crazy, fun-loving, talented, homestead gals . . . who but one of our kind would climb up on the toilet in order to get a picture of themself modeling a homemade, beautifully crafted apron. Love it, love it, love it.

    Hope your nasty cold is gone soon.

  8. Jane- if you're like me and don't have a full length mirror, I highly recommend toilet standing!

    Patty- that is exactly the original purpose for this apron. Big pockets are great!

    CR- I wish my cell phone took better pix, I love the chicken print, too!

    Dr momi- that verse is a personal challenge, sometimes :)

    Judy-How's your family? Hope everything is getting better!

    Candy- thanks, but I don't think I'll be opening a studio anytime soon LOL

    Mama Pea- an award, huh? Well, you'd end up on the list of people who inspired me in the acceptance speech!


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