Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Duck!! Oops, too late

to dodge the falling in love with ducks bullet! Not any specific duck has sucked me in, mind you, just ducks in general.

 If you will recall, a friend gave me 6 little quackers a few weeks ago. And remember, they were only going to be here a very short time, just until DH got time off work to give them the free ride to freezer camp. Well, DH hasn't gotten off work for more than a few hours since SEPTEMBER. So the little duckies and I have gotten to know each other pretty well. Don't get me wrong, they(or at least some of them) are still heading to camp. But I don't know how I will fill their space when they are gone. I've gotten used to quiet quacking when I step out the back door. And their little, orange, webbed feet are kinda cute. And it's adorable how they shake their fannies at me. And, man oh man, their eggs are huge. So, maybe, they won't all go to camp. Maybe some of them will hang around to keep me company and drive the beagles insane. INSANE!!
 I can't believe I am weighing the pros and cons of keeping a duck or two. or three. I mean, we have no water source-pond or what have you. So I am carrying a little dish pan of water to them everyday so they can dip their beaks and fight over who gets to splash-one at a time. And of course right now they are still in the little pen. So they can't free range in the yard. Which means duck food is costing an arm and a leg. And there isn't enough room in that little pen for them to take a little run and zip up into the air for a little fly by, either. I don't know if setting them out would mean bye-bye duck friends. But I'm thinking about it.... Anyone with duck experience want to talk me out of (or into) this??

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