Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day Before Thanksgiving Blessings

My little country church
 Today I'm praising God for a safe haven where I can go to praise and worship Him. And I'm thankful to Him for putting other people there, people (brothers and sisters) who have the same beliefs as I do. They are the ones who know all my faults, see all my mistakes, and love me anyway. They lift me up after the world has knocked me down, share hugs and tears over all of my heartaches, and rejoice with me over every good thing that comes my way. And I get to do all that for them, too!

 Now, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I will be spending it with my family-stuffing our tummies, yelling at some football players, listening to DH snore in the recliner (he's so dang CUTE when he does that!), and trying to convince a couple sweet beagles that dogs don't LIKE pumpkin pie. So let me tell you now, "I wish you and your families a very Happy Thanksgiving!" 

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