Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 4 of Blessings! Countdown to Thanksgiving!

My Thanksgiving List, Day 5

 It's a damp, drizzly, grey day and I'm still suffering from a painful chest cold. But I'm toasty warm and snug as a bug in my home!
 Some people take home ownership as something that comes automatically with U.S. citizenship. But others know that owning a home isn't always feasible-not all American families are "typical." Well, you would be right on track if you put my brood in the second classification there. For a long time, owning a home was not on our list of priorities, really not even something we thought about doing at all. DH is a travelling kind of guy and I am not a handy-man type of girl so buying something that might someday require maintenance was not something we wanted to do. We rented and leased, apartments (til the crew got too large), mobile homes, and houses. And we never really thought of renting as "money going down the tubes," it was more like a living expense. But after a string of bad landlords and as the kids started getting older, we decided to bite the bullet and purchase our own place.
 So today I am thankful for my home! There's a long story about our original plans for this place that I might share with you someday-maybe. But for today, I'm just going to be glad it's mine~ There's no place like home (where'd I put my red slippers?)


  1. I'd love to hear your story of how you came to own your home. Such a pretty house!

  2. Very nicely expressed! I'm so thankful for our home too. Having a cozy, safe sanctuary for our families to rest, play and welcome friends into our circle is truly a blessing. Happy Thanksgiving week to you!

  3. Tami-I'm sure it will come out before long. I've started a rough draft-there's some soul-baring involved so...

    Patty- I'm glad you got to leave a comment! And a Happy Thanksgiving week to you, also!


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