Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 3 of Blessings! Countdown to Thanksgiving!

My Thanksgiving List, Day 3

Today I'm celebrating technology. I'm thankful for the many conveniences technology has brought onto our little place.

 I have a cell phone which has been a huge blessing this week. I have a terrible chest cold and can't make enough wind to have a conversation (don't EVEN go there, DH!) But thanks to texting, I'm still keeping up with my mom, my sisters, and my kids.

 I have an automatic chicken coop door that makes sure the birds are locked up every night and let out every morning. That is a life saver on the days I go out of town with DH- I only need someone to check in on the animals once a day!

  I have a Kindle which has provided tons of entertainment while I don't feel like moving out of my recliner. This is a real blessing--loads of books in virtually no space (no dusting and rearranging books!)

   I have a laptop which can take up hours of my time with Solitaire if I let it. But more importantly, it connects to the internet so I can email all those far away family members, pay my bills and order Christmas presents from the comfort of my recliner, blog away about all the fun stuff I'm learning so much about, and Google (verb, not noun- see my grammar lesson for the difference.) I've come a long way since those first Webcrawler days, baby!  And it's been a fun week for googling. I've saved some of my search phrases to share with you: "weird goat buck behavior"(I learned about rut) "how to cook duck eggs" (I learned how to make tea eggs and balut-don't google that without a strong stomach!) "homemade flavored coffee cream" (that one was cool, I will blog about it soon)  "how to make pine oil" (not much luck with that one) and "Indiana green cemeteries" (turns out there aren't very many of those.)  Since my Library is 20 minutes away and those searches were at random times throughout the week, think how much gas and time I must have saved by looking those things up on the internet!

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