Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Countdown to Thanksgiving

 Straight to the point- today I am thankful for drugs! And modern medicine in general. Normally I'm a "go to the doctor every couple years and only if I'm so sick that death is looking like a good option" kind of girl. And after a solid week of battling that respiratory infection- I caved. I've always believed that part of the reason so many people are sick ALL THE TIME is because we are a drug happy, give me any pill to fix it, nation. Yep, the second time I took a kid to the doctor for a routine check-up and then spent the next 4 weeks battling the nasties (and why they got it ONE AT A TIME instead of simultaneously is beyond me) I decided to put a halt to the run to the doctor habit. Am I against doctors? no. Am I against medicine when it is appropriate? no. Do I think every time a sniffle hits, drugs are the first course of action? NO!

 Without modern medicine:

 1. I wouldn't still have my mom.
My mom and grandma
She suffers from Pulmonary Hypertension caused by heart damage she got as a little girl battling Rheumatic Fever. Thankfully a drug company has come out with medicine that helps treat her condition. It has to be special ordered from the company-not available in drug stores- but it keeps her with us. We just have to wait for that box from UPS every month!

 2. I wouldn't have gotten to experience having a storm trooper for a DH last year!

Isn't he cute in his Star Wars getup? Seriously, though, there was neck damage that could only be repaired with surgery. Afterwards, he spent a few months wearing a brace.  And now there is a lot of metal in there-and he's looks a lot cuter from behind without the brace!

 And coming out of my Nyquil stupor, I have realized that the titles to this week's blog posts have said "countdown" with the days in the title actually counting "up." So we will just drop the sequence part (grin) and be thankful for doctors and medicine!

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