Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Conversation With a Goat

"Archie, what in the world is that yellow stuff on your face? Have you been getting into something you shouldn't?"

"Ma'am, come a little closer and take a good whiff of this. Today I'm sporting a new fragrance. I'm trying out Parfum de Buckling to impress sweet Ronnie. I think she likes it."

"What???? You are way too young to be going after the ladies! Go wash that off your face right now. And don't grow another inch until I've had time to do a little research on the Goatie facts of life! Why, it was just yesterday you were climbing on plastic totes

and hogging the lawn swing. Where did the time go??"

Oh boy, let the fun begin!
P.S. I found this site to be very informational about:  bucks and growing up-facts of life

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  1. Fiasco Farm is the best! I linked to that site in yesterdays post. Sounds like you'll be having fun with babies in the future. :)


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