Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blessings! Countdown to Thanksgiving!

I decided to do a "the week before Thanksgiving" list of blessings. Lately, I've found it too easy to harp about all the things that aren't going right-- what? you haven't heard my harping??? Maybe I didn't complain loud enough for it to get to my blog, but, believe me, I've been a whiner-yikes! So I'm going to make up for it (I hope) by listing all the things I'm thankful for over the next week. Which means, y'all, if you so choose to hang around and read this list, are going to get up close and personal with me. Ummm, deodorant? check-pshew!

List, Day 1:
 What kind of mom would I be, if I wasn't thankful for the blessings of my children? Yes, they are grown and living away from home but they still bring me great joy and I'm so glad they are in my life. Sooooo, here's my shoutout to the kiddos-in birth order!
l to r, DS#3, DS#2, DD#1, myself, DS#1

DS#1- the firstborn always holds a special place in a mama's heart and this one is no exception. He's a 27 year old indescribably great guy. He takes those big brother duties very seriously and even adopted a little brother through the Big Brother/Big Sister program when he was away at college. He's often backpacking, bicycling, and motorcycling all over the country (we lovingly call him our drifter) when he's not working. But soon he will be going wherever Uncle Sam sends him in the U.S. Navy.

DS#2- the proverbial "middle child!" What mama doesn't worry about that one? And this 25 year old has been all boy since the very beginning. Between bumps and bruises, flying go-karts, and (why-oh-why did his dad let him get a Camaro??) he certainly kept me on my toes. And now, he's a Computer Network Administrator at the local college. And he fixes my computer every time I mess it up (and he doesn't even roll his eyes!)

And then , FINALLY- a girl!

DD #1- The one and only Daddy's girl. Yep, she got to be mine for about 10 minutes and then she shot straight to princess status. But for all the "fix my ponytails" and "barbie doll tea parties" DH sat through, she only came out slightly spoiled. And at 24, her heart is golden! Besides working full time at the county court house, she is taking a full load at college because, someday, she wants to be one of those Social Workers who works really long hours to see that kids get a fair shake while making very little money. Right now, as I watch her donate her time to babysit foster kids to give foster parents a rest, I know she's going to do a great job with her career choice!

But folks, we aren't done yet. We can't overlook the baby of the family!

DS#3- The 21 year old who first made his appearance in Weatherford, Texas and even though we moved back to Indiana when he was 5, still considers himself a Texan-and don't even think about arguing THAT one! When he was very little we found out he was blind in one eye. That brought about some difficulties and then, when he was older, he got a diagnosis of Crohn's disease. That is an even harder row to hoe. But he never complains, he just keeps on keeping on. Even when the pain on his face is unbearable for his mama to watch, he gives me a hug and says "it will be ok." And right now, he spends his days taking care of mentally handicapped people-giving them the opportunity to live in their own home, with a dignity that he insists on.

There, you've had a quick meeting with (in my opinion, of course) the 4 greatest kids/adults in Indiana! Sure they've made mistakes and took wrong turns but they've also owned up to them and put themselves back on the right path-the one that God wants them to be on. I'm so thankful!


  1. Ok, first of all I'm really mad that you made me cry at work! I love you!!

  2. Kayla, I think you should know by now to read my blog at your own risk! I love you, too. And I miss those pony tails. Barbies, uh, not so much!


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