Thursday, October 27, 2011

Think Pink

  I've been so busy subbing at the local high school. It's neat 'cause the only thing bad about retirement is not getting to see some of my cool friends at work everyday. Subbing gets me back into that social circle-great visits with good people!
 Today was a special day put together by the Student Council and The National Honor Society. They asked everyone to wear pink to show support for the October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  So the school was a sea of pink shirts and pink leggings, pink socks and pink shoes, pink scarves and pink earrings, and even a pink tutu! What a tremendous response the students, teachers, staff and administrators (yes the principal had a pink tie!) showed for this cause.
 I know this topic has nothing to do with homesteading.
         But wait. Do we really know what causes these cancers? Will there ever be an answer? Could our lifestyle choices affect our health? So maybe eating beef fed with GMO corn or Monsanto soybeans doesn't cause cancer. Or maybe it does. Until we know for sure, can I safely say that my attempts at sustainability are not making the chances of bad health worse? hmmm
 So maybe this is an important part of why I choose to live this way. And it's great to be able to do it in a community that cares and shows it!

Art teacher blowing me kisses!

Rocking the pink hoodies!

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  1. Everytime I think I'd like to quit my job, Hubby reminds me how much I'd miss "the girls". Subbing sounds like the way to go!

    BTW agree 100% with your thoughts on cancer.


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