Sunday, October 16, 2011

Super Heroes and a Paper Free Giveaway

  I"m spending the weekend out of town with the DH this weekend. He tempted me down here when he found a great place to hike! It's a wonderful time of year to get out and hit a trail!
  But I don't have a critter sitter this time so I'm running home each day while DH is working to get everyone fed, watered, and petted. Yesterday, while I was out in the goat pen (that's the place with the highest petting requirements, I'm trying to keep them tamed down!) I heard a ruckus in the back yard. It was coming from the edge of our property right next to a corn field. I knew the chickens were back there, gleaning where the first round of picking had been done right next to the yard.
  I have 4 guineas and, believe me, they can make a lot of noise. In fact, I had entertained the notion of getting rid of them for just that very reason. But this year they have calmed down quite a bit and the noise had become a not-so-fond memory. So when they started in with the yelling and carrying on, I was VERY surprised. As I headed off to the spot of commotion, I heard the rooster (which I named Dudley because his first few crowing attempts were "duds") joining in-louder than an average crow! And let me tell you, I was extremely shocked when I got back there and saw a fox, right in broad daylight!
 I was also pleasantly surprised to see the guineas had made a line of defense between the fox and the hens.

Guardian Guineas

While they were holding the fox off, the rooster was doing a very proficient round-up of the girls, herding them to the coop.
Sir Dudley

 It was a sight to see. But I quickly gathered my wits and headed back to the house for the shotgun. Of course by the time I got it and got back, the guineas had run the fox off and were pecking away in the side yard like nothing had even happened! I watched for the fox for quite a while but he never returned. I was nervous about leaving to rejoin DH but I know my birds had done a better job of protecting themselves than I could do!

And while I have been busy running back and forth, I have also been working on the cloth napkins for my giveaway. If you will recall, my sewing machine went bonkers. It is gonna take weeks to get it cleaned up and running again. But thanks to one of my biggest superheroes-my mom- this job is getting done. She let me borrow her machine! And this is one of the napkins, finished!
They all have a fall/Thanksgiving pattern on the front with a brown back. They are not "professional" quality and are meant to be used as "everyday" napkins. I plan on using mine to keep my table looking festive without worrying about messing up the good ones. If you'd like to do that also, follow the instructions to get entered for a chance to win a set of 6 "Everyday Cloth Napkins." I will randomly pick a winner on Sunday, October 23.
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  1. THOSE ARE SOOOOO CUTE!! I want them!!

    (I would obviously like to be entered. Thanks.)

  2. I would like to be entered to win.

  3. So many people write off the guineas way to early for the noise factor and they never get to see what useful farm hands they can be. They are brave to a fault, and there is nothing I have not seen them take on. Glad to see your fox went off empty handed.


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