Sunday, October 9, 2011

Oh Be Careful

...little lips what you say (on Facebook.) Turns out someone was actually paying attention to all those cute posts of goat pictures and status updates that went something like, "cleaned out the chicken coop, ready for a nap!" and "my rooster is still on daylight savings time." Imagine my surprise when one of my sweet Facebook friends informed me that she had 6 grown ducks that needed a new home and since she knew I had animals, she would give me first chance at them. I read that message several times. And all I could see in the words was "free meat."

 So I did the 'honest Abe" thing and replied with a thank you but if any ducks showed up around here, they would get sent straight to freezer camp.

 And after she said she would think about it, I didn't hear back from her for several weeks. I assumed she had found a suitable pet duck home that didn't include a swing and a slide into a polar playground. I was glad for her!

 Until yesterday when I got the message that said she had decided to give the ducks to me. Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding!! We have a winner! And today these guys came to my house. DH won't be home to do the deed for a week or two so they are settled into the quarantine pen to wait for their free ticket to freezer camp-don't expect a postcard!

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