Friday, October 7, 2011

Day Trippin'

 I'm out of bread, milk, and eggs. Whoa! How in the world did I let that happen?!? No, I'm not sick. I've just been running. I'm also wondering if it is a good thing that DH is working so close and yet so far from home.

After I got home from visiting him, I spent a day catching up on the outside chores. It was a busy day. I had missed all the regularly scheduled cleaning (poop duty.) That's one chore that can't be let go for too long!

 Then Monday came. Monday as in the day of Monday Night Football. And the Colts were playing. And in a fit of unsound mindness last year, I had our satellite dish disabled because "it isn't worth paying $70.00 a month when the tv is hardly ever on." (Yes, I recall saying that-it wasn't football season at the time. AND I thought I was being sensible, grrrr.) So, not only was I home alone, I was missing the game. The game where the hometown boy finally got his chance to START at quarterback. And DH was only 2 hours away, sitting in a motel, planning on watching that game by himself. And well, I couldn't just let him sit there all alone while I was so close... So off to his side I ran. We had a good time even though the game went south!

 By the time I got home the next day, I had to rush to catch back up on the outside chores. And then I had to do the restocking of the feed which (as you may recall from an earlier post) meant going to 2 farm stores, each on opposite ends of town. And then the next day, DMIL called to let me know how bored she was. She isn't able to drive and had been stuck inside for a few days. Well, I tried to stop them (I REALLY did) but the words just slipped right on out over my mental protests, "why don't we take a road trip to see DH and get you out of the house for a couple of days?" WHAT??? I have truly lost my mind (check your local lost and found ads, there is a reward!) But go a-visiting we did. And we really did have a good trip. She got to see all the pretty leaves changing to fall colors and we did a little shopping.

  But now I am home and beginning to despair about finding my mind (reward will be doubled soon, I'm sure) and ... I am out of bread, milk, and eggs.


  1. Sometimes its important to go running, even if it means you run out of the essentials. I don't think you've lost your mind. I think you're trying to save it! It's good to get out and about! :)

  2. You'll be glad you did this running around when the snow flies and you're stuck indoors with nowhere to go!


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