Monday, October 24, 2011

Chicken Treats

 The birds got pumpkin for the first time today. First I quartered a pie pumpkin. Then I hunted up a Wal Mart bag to put it in.
       By the way, finding the right bag can be a challenge around here. The "good" ones are used to line small trash cans and to scoop the litter box into. The "bad" ones (the ones with a hole in the bottom) are used for wrapping paint brushes and picking up dog poop-yuck. I finally found one that only had holes smaller than pumpkin seeds-score!
 So, I headed out to document the feathered critters getting their first pumpkin treat.

Creeping in to check it out

Curiouser and curiouser 
Hey! This stuff's not bad!

I could have watched them all evening but the plastic bag that I'd worked so hard to find had blown away. It went  from the spot where I'd dropped it at my feet to the edge of the goat pen, where Archie promptly snatched it up. I guess he thought it was HIS turn for a treat- scared the dickens out of me til I got the gate opened and ran in to grab it out of his mouth. Whew!


  1. Nothing like having to pull a walmart bag out of a goat's behind! Glad you saved it before that happend :)

  2. CR- Oh my gosh! I was following your first sentence along expecting to finish it up with "mouth." So "behind" brought coffee up my nose! LOL LOL!


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