Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Busy Days and Sleepless Nights

 Sounds like a good song title doesn't it? But not so good sounding when it comes to real life. I bet everyone "gets" the busy days part. I mean aren't we all working hard to get all the fall stuff done so we can hunker down for the winter? (doesn't everybody "hunker"?)
 But I have to give the credits for the sleepless nights to Chase the WonderBeagle. He is definitely back up to snuff after this last month of sickness. And corn picking has started in the fields. When corn picking starts around here, all the little wild critters hanging out in the fields start moving around. This brings the coyotes in closer to our cleared out space in the midst of all these fields. Coyotes are not our friends. Especially not to the little beagle who cuddles up with me every night. Or who used to cuddle up with me I should say. Now, he goes in for the "let's get comfy" position only to jump up, stiffen all four legs, raise the hair all down his spine, and howl like the dickens. That's how I know the coyotes are close. Once he knows I'm good and awake, Chase leaps out of bed, sprints to the pet door, and plants his little body in the middle of our fenced in back yard. Then he starts barking, nonstop.
 Pause for a moment to wonder what you would do in this instance.
       -- I find it necessary to note that there is no light in our backyard. And all of our outside critters: chickens, guineas, rabbits, and goats, (oh and ducks for a short while) are in separate pens snoozing away and oblivious to the danger surrounding them. Until the WonderBeagle wakes up every living creature in a square mile. So now the birds are squawking, the rabbits are thumping, and the goats are bawling. And I'm sure no coyotes are attracted to all that noisy cuisine. I have to think that only the barking is keeping them from trying to access my backyard buffet.--
 Did you figure out what you would do in my shoes? I'd love to hear it! My current solution is to grab the shotgun, run out in my nightie and a flip flop and a house shoe (why aren't they EVER in a pair in the middle of the night????) and stand in the middle of the yard in total darkness and whisper, "shh!" til the dog gives up and goes back inside and the critters go back to sleep. If you can, imagine doing this 4 or 5 times a night. Now you know why this post has a song-like title! And that's why I am running behind in telling everyone about my important sustainability milestone. But never fear! I will be caught up tomorrow and you will get to hear all about my upcoming celebration!
 For now, though, here is a sneak peak/preview/trailer of what it is all about
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  1. There is nothing worse than a sleepless night after a busy day. I think we can all agree on that!I'm not sure what to say about the Wonder Beagle. He's obviously trying to be helpful...but gosh darnit....

    I am excited to hear about your upcoming celebration. I'm assuming that picture is of fabric...and lovely fabric at that...:)


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