Sunday, September 4, 2011

Take a Hike

Q: What does this Hoosier girl do on a 3 day vacation weekend?
A: She heads out to the Hoosier National Forest with a DH in tow for a couple days of backpacking so she can see views like this:
And she might even learn something while she's at it:

 We had a blast thanks to DS#3 who took care of all the critters. Tomorrow we are rounding up all the kiddos we can. There's a brisket ready to be smoked!


  1. Where in the HNF do you go? I go there a lot - always down in the middle of Crawford County...

  2. We were on the Two Lakes Loop trail at the Indian and Celina Recreation Area. It's at Tell City. Great hiking and we're going to try to get back this fall.


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