Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lessons Learned Lately

1. Coconut milk and cream of coconut are not interchangeable even if it's "just going in a cake."

2. Just because the auctioneer knows how to sell animals doesn't mean he knows ABOUT the animals.

3. Never trust yourself to shut the gate while you're medicated.

4. Goats will come back in the pen if you are holding a feed bowl.

5. Don't try to work in the kitchen while DH's laptop is messing up in a different room.

6. It really is possible to have a conversation across the house while the dishwasher is running :)

7. You can't hide goat berries from chickens.

8. Goat berries don't make chickens sick.

It's been an informative and fun week! Now I'm off for a few days to visit with family coming in from out of state!
PS>  the laptop got fixed, the goats didn't get far, the dishes got washed, the chickens are still alive and scratching, and the cake turned out fine (recipe next week!)

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