Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just The Way It Is

This is not a rant. Not complaining. Not whining. It's just the way it is. See, DH travels. It's his job. There isn't a local office, his "home base" is in St. Louis. In case you haven't read my profile, we are in INDI-totally different state-ANA. And even though "home base" is in St. Louis, DH is usually not working there. "They" send him all over the country to work. Which means most of the time DH lives in a motel. He's been doing this for the last 20 years so it's not much of a big deal to us. We've pretty much adapted to the way things are when he is gone. It also means that his time home can be stressful. He has to cram all his "normal guys would do this after work" stuff into the few days off he gets a month. And one of the ways we deal with THAT is to divide my life into 2 different personalities. The "DH is gone" me and the "DH is home" me. Right now I am the "DH is gone" me. That means I get a while to work on some of the projects that don't require DH's skills or attention. First up on my list was the sunflowers.
 They have been drying outside but rain is on the way so it is time to take care of these! I got about 2/3s of an ice cream bucket full of seeds for the goats and chickens to nibble and peck at. I think they will come in real handy this winter when I need something to get the chickens to stir up the straw on the coop floor and to get a goat to walk where I want it to!

And there are some soaking right now to roast for DH because I know he loves sunflower seeds.

But don't expect to hear how he liked them because that will be when I am the "DH is home" me and there won't be time for blogging!


  1. Perfectly understandalbe, your split personality! ;)

    20 years is a very long time to be on the road!! Wow!

  2. Oh my goodness, do I hear ya! Although my husband isn't gone for quite that long, he is gone for generally 4-7 days at a time, and then home for 2 or 3 and then gone again. I totally understand that split personality of DH is here, DH is gone. You learn to do things according to when is around or isn't. It sure makes for an interesting life! Hugs to you...those sunflower seeds look great!

  3. Yup, I can relate. Early in our marriage, hubby was on deployments on a Navy submarine. Split personality is a great way to describe it.

    Your sunflower seeds look so good. I only had the smaller seed variety this year. Guess I had better splurge next year and buy some seed.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. This was my first try at sunflowers so I was pleasantly surprised. And my oldest son just joined the Navy-what a coincidence! You have a great weekend, too.


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