Monday, September 26, 2011

How to Build a Hay Feeder

 What an weekend I had! It started out with bitter, I mean BITTER disappointment. I wanted to go to the Mother Earth News Fair sooo bad. I followed it on Facebook all year. I signed up for email updates. I googled every state park within 50 miles for campsites. And I did not get to go. I had to disable the Facebook updates when they posted "Attention all Mother Earth News Fair attendees! Joel Salatin is on the grounds!"  Oh my poor broken heart. But some things are not meant to be. And I've got a whole year to look forward to the next one. And I can live vicariously through other blogs about this year's fair. Right? Sure! 
 Anyways, DH was home this weekend and he cheered me up a bunch by building a hay feeder for my goats! The poor things had been having to make do with the trough in their shed, which wasn't hay friendly. But now they've got their own honest-to-goodness hay friendly feeder! Want to know how he made it?  Well, I'll share what I know.

1. Start out in the middle of a downpour that has been going on for 24 hours. Assemble everything you will need in a covered area (in his case the garage/workshop.)

2. Find a DS who has a project that requires a space where he can get dirty (he was rebuilding his bicycle) and invite him over to share the time with you in said garage/workshop.
One Dirty DS
3. I really have no idea what he did next, I was in my cozy kitchen making up bbq rabbit hot pockets for a church social. (Remember, Baptist=dinner on the grounds!)

4. Mumble things like "darn woman should have married a carpenter" and "would of been done hours ago if they were made out of metal" when DW sneaks down to get an "in-progress" picture. (At this point I backed quietly out of his "space" and headed back to my cozy kitchen.)
Hay feeder in progress
5. Pout because DW didn't want to go out in the POURING rain to see the finished project. Then strut all over the house when she says," you are the best hay feeder builder in the world!"

6. Be late to work the next morning because you waited til daybreak to help DW put the first hay in the new feeder (and watch the goats go nuts over it!)
Happy, happy goats!

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