Monday, September 12, 2011

Hello? Is This Thing On?

 Ever have a conversation with someone significant in your life that made you wonder if they are really listening? Or in tune with what is going on around you? It's a beautiful day. So I enjoyed the morning outside, with a cup of coffee on my swing. And my mind got to wandering off. I got a little tickled thinking about some of the things my family and I have done and said lately. For example:

We had a large medical bill come up and I mentioned I might take some money out of my retirement fund to pay it off. DH's response- "I wouldn't do that if I were you." When I asked "why not?" His response was a genuine "Well, you might want to retire someday." (I retired in 2008!)


I texted a dear friend and asked her how her trip was going-the day before she was actually leaving.


 At church when the offering plate was headed our way, DH raised his eyes to me as if to say, "where is the tithe check?" So I had to silently mouth back "this isn't your pay week."  Hello? It's his own paycheck and he doesn't know when it's deposited?!?


While talking to DS#1 on the phone yesterday he informed me that he had no plans for the upcoming weekend. A few days earlier I had reminded him (again) of the family reunion on Saturday, the one we have been planning since July 2010!

Well, it's funny how we can get so wrapped up in the here and now, how paying attention to others and REALLY listening to what they say(or what WE say) can go out the window. So this week I am going to make an effort to notice and care "on purpose." How can I say I have a "blessed little homestead life" if I don't make the blessings a priority?


  1. Oh my gosh, we are all so guilty of this! I don't think it's always not paying attention, it's that we are getting old...and forgetful...and what was I saying???

    Cute post, you made me laugh!

  2. Oh, did y'all comment? Sorry I wasn't paying attention. LOL


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