Saturday, September 10, 2011

"Glorified Lavatory Attendants"

 I went to the local Amish auction last night. I hate to admit it out loud but it really is a good place for me to de-stress on a Friday night when DH is out of town. I get to check out chickens and rabbits and antiques and of course there is the people watching. Sometimes there are snakes or ferrets or hamsters. But this time I didn't find anything I couldn't live without in the small animal or junk auctions so I headed to the goat/horse auctions. I had no intention of buying anything. In fact, I didn't even take the pickup truck this time. So I was there just to watch and maybe learn. I got lucky enough to find a seat by an older lady who seemed to know a lot of the buyers there. So I eavesdropped ,  no,  listened in, no, overheard her comments on the different animals, buyers, and sellers. It was a very informative night. But I was saddened when  I overheard things like "that horse just went to a slaughter buyer." I guess that explained the low prices for some of the animals.
 So, even though it was late when I got home, I turned to some blog reading to cheer myself back up. And my curiosity was peaked when I read about this film over at Let's Get Real. I went and checked it out and found that it is a multi-part film and since it was so late, I only watched the first part. It was REALLY interesting but the line that caught my attention was at 2:30! Oh my goodness, did she hit the nail on the head!
 Now, I am not a farmer. I don't live on a farm. I live on one little acre where I try to use as much as I can to lessen our dependence on others. But just the few animals I have can produce a whole lot of poop! And Saturday at my place is cleaning day. So today I am the "glorified lavatory attendant."
Goat poop duty

chicken poop duty

Ha! I've been trying to think up a name for our little place. I need one to put on the forms to sell eggs and to get a tax number to sell some of my crafts. When I ask for suggestions, family and friends ask, "What do you produce on your place?" Can you guess what the answer is???

rabbit poop, anyone?


  1. :) We really laughed about that too! It does indeed hit the nail on the head.

  2. Oh well...I've had people offering to muck and buy my shed for the poo, but I turned them down...that's my animal excrement for my garden!

  3. LOL! I like "Glorified Lavatory Attendant" much better than "The poop scooper" that I'm refered to as......I wish someone out here wanted my barn poop & would rake it for me....Come spring cleaning time I'm always a bit tempted to PAY someone to do it for me!

  4. Yep, our lives seem to revolve around poop here too! The first thing we say here when one walks into the house is "take off your poopy shoes!"

  5. I suppose most people think of poop as "Yuck" but we are so used to it now that it doesn't even phase us! You know you are a redneck when...

  6. HaHa, I would not give away or even sell my "free" fertilizer. I had some of the biggest producing cabbages and tomatoes this year! But sometimes..... :)


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