Friday, September 9, 2011

Farm Store Misery

 A few weeks ago, as I was coming out of the farm store with a bag of chicken feed, a very nice gentleman insisted on loading it into the back of the truck for me. It was such a sweet gesture but I was a nervous wreck as he did it. I think he was about 70 years old. It took him twice as long as it would have taken me, but I couldn't work up the nerve to insist on doing it myself. I knew his pride was on the line there-remember I'm an expert on the male ego! Today I had a long list of stuff to get at the farm store. And it was a totally different scenario. A 20something year-old able-bodied young man walked in while I was checking out and insisted someone come outside to load a bag of water softener salt in his truck for him. And he didn't even have the nerve to look embarrassed when a 60something year-old lady came out and loaded it for him! I wanted so bad to offer to do it for her but she was out the door and had it loaded before I had a chance! Hmmph! I also wanted to give the young twerp a piece of my mind but I was already disgusted just from my shopping experience so I decided to just keep my mouth shut.
 That was at the 2nd farm store stop of the day. At the first one I picked up alfalfa pellets and Goat Chow. Goat Chow wouldn't be my first choice for feed but it was either that or the store brand or medicated. I had tried the store brand last time and the goats had nosed out most of it. Medicated isn't an option so Goat Chow it is. We will see how that works out. Then I went to pick up rabbit food. The last bag I bought at this store was mostly dust which ended up on the ground. So I searched through their other brands-again only 2 choices- one for show rabbits(way too expensive) and the "dusty" stuff. Great. That meant I was going to have to make a trip across town to the other farm store. So I headed to the check out, passing all the 20 or so different horse feeds and multiple(gazillions, I'm sure) racks of candy. How many bags of candy do farmers really need?? But the animal feed choices are so limited. Grrr.
 At farm store number 2, I was able to get a good rabbit feed but they don't carry the alfalfa pellets and their only goat feed is their own store brand which is worse than the "other" store brand. I did however find a great deal on cat food while I was there. But that didn't keep my mood from souring when I saw the rows and rows of candy and knick knacks at this store also. So it looks like I will be visiting both stores for animal feed from now on. It irritates me to no end to know I am doing that much driving to get food for 2 goats, 8 rabbits, and 25 chickens.  BUT, I'm glad I have control over the food that is going into my own livestock. And I'm inspired to keep striving for affordable, good resources.

Starving Goats!

Hebrews 10:35-36  Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompence of reward. 
 For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise. 


  1. Isn't a farm supply store supposed to be just that? Ours is the same. I don't blame you one bit for wanting to smack that kid straight upside the head!

  2. One of the "big" farm stores here has those million-candy-racks in the front too. Weird, isn't it? That's why I like to go to our little, local farm / feed store. The only "candy" they have there is honey or black walnuts & pecans when they are in season.

  3. I have this problem with TSC. Lots of young men working and no one bothers to help with feed except for the 60 year old cashier.

    Last time I went in, picked up 12 bags of feed, two kiddos in tow & 2 20 something, male employees playing with their cell phones....

    So I said "Excuse me, I'm not sure how your momma raised you, nor what amount of complete disregard for customers & lack of work ethic your manager permits, but not a single, respectable man I know would allow a woman with 2 kids and an elderly gentleman tote out & load this much feed without even offering to lift a finger!"

    I said it quite loud, customers in line murmured agreements & the manager came out to help me with my feed while one of the young slackers helped an elderly gentleman with his bird food & dog food.

    I quite bluntly told the manager that if he wanted to keep business he might need to run a tighter shift & insist on the employees do their jobs. Sad that those young men wouldn't just offered to help out of the kindness of their hearts...

    Perhaps if I hadn't just spent a small fortune I would have just let it go, but my goodness, that day it really ticked me off!


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