Monday, August 8, 2011

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Rabbits

 A girl can get a lot done when her DH  is home! For instance, we found the part of the garden that had disappeared under the tomatoes and weeds. The parsley was nothing much to look at and the rosemary was on it's last leg. I cut off all the rosemary that was still green and trimmed the plants back to almost bare. We'll wait and see what some cooler fall temps will do for them. As for the sage, well it had exploded. I guess it liked being under the tomato canopy! I cut off as much as I could use and decided to just let it go.

 Saturday DH butchered the first set of rabbits we have managed to save from predators. They had been in lockdown in  an old dog kennel from day 1! It was the first time I had witnessed rabbit butchering so I watched from a distance until the chickens decided to get in on the action. So I stepped up for guard duty until all 4 rabbits were finished-Hoosier Girl to the rescue! We put them in our garage fridge to age and will grill one this evening. The rest will go in the freezer!
 I made a marinade of rosemary, sea salt, pepper, and oil for the one that will be grilled.

Then I got to work preserving the rest of the sage I had picked today. I am not a fan of dried herbs unless I don't have a choice so I chopped it up and placed it in some more of those "handy" KFC reusable containers. I topped it off with some chicken broth and put it in the freezer for when cooler weather comes (hopefully soon!)

I still had a little bit left so I chopped it up and scattered it over some bread crumbs that are drying for homemade dressing. That should make a nice little side dish with the grilled rabbit this evening!


  1. Looks Good! I can't wait to be eating rabbit with you! :)

  2. You need to put a SPOILER alert on posts like these.

    I am pretty sure that what I actually read said, "This is a picture of the deformed chicken we bought at Walmart this afternoon. Obviously, it is not made from real chickens. That is why it is deformed."

  3. Rabbit, now I may have to try that. It's been too long and I don't recall what it tastes like!


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