Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hurry Up and Wait!

 I am a winner! No seriously. I'm not on an ego trip, I just win things. Not ALL the time, but I do win, sometimes. Last month I won 2 VIP tickets to the Kroger 200 race in Indy. It was really cool-pit passes, garage passes, hospitality trailer, free dinner and refreshments... I took a DS with me because DH had to work. DH was really disappointed-he LOVES Nascar. I felt so bad for him.
 And now I've won again! This time I got picked in a blog giveaway and won a jar of PURE honey! And guess who loves honey? DH!! He is all the time talking about getting into a bee hobby. Of course we realize that someone who isn't actually on the property for 3 weeks out of 4 wouldn't dream of starting up something like that. But someday...
 OK back to the honey. Right now it has a place of honor on the kitchen table.

Have I opened it? No. I just look at it (maybe drooling in the back of my mind, ok, not maybe, definitely) and think about opening it. But I'm waiting for DH to get home so he can have the honors. Because I know how much he wanted to go to that race (we watched the whole race from the PIT BOX!) and I know how much he loves honey.
So thanks to The Apple Pie Gal for the awesome looking honey! I'm sure as soon as DH gets home we can tell y'all how awesome it tastes, too!

While we are waiting, I am working on Peach Butter. This is the first time for me to make it and it turns out that it is also a big waiting game. It's been cooking for 14 hours now..... Oh well, I need to go to town and get some more jars anyway. When the peach butter gets done, I will be down to just 2 drinking glasses! Remember the good old days when people returned canning jars when they were finished with them?


  1. Well, I think after sitting out the last thing you won, waiting and drooling over the honey is awfully nice of you! Hope you get to enjoy it long as he shares!

    Jars need GPS devices installed on them!

  2. I've had that same problem with the canning jars, even when I ask them to save them for me. Unfortunately, I think it's just because everyone is so used to tossing the "other" glass jars out (from the store bought stuff) that they think nothing of tossing the jar you gave them.
    My "country" friends usually bring them back to me, but the city folks just don't get it....into the garbage it goes. It's not like I had to pay for that or anything (rolls eyes).
    I recently started putting little smiley face stickers with "Please return me to Carolyn" on the lids and it seems to have helped a little.

    Congrats on your honey score!

  3. I've never done peach butter. Please post about your results and taste testing. I'me very curious! I had no idea it was a 14 hour cook time

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  5. I promise that if peach butter makes it my way... I WILL return whatever thing it is that you send it to me in. Unless I drop it and it breaks.

    Also, considering dad's track record, I vote NO on anything that has a stinger.

    Congrats on the honey. I'm drooling with you!

    August 19, 2011 9:26 PM

  6. GPS-yes! That is the way to go, I'm sure!

    Or stickers. That would probably work better for me. Seeing as how GPS might be a little out of my price range.

    DH is home for 2 days so we are working on getting the fall garden done. As soon as I get him back on the road, I will post more details about the peach butter-promise!

    Kayla, bring your own container over and you can have all the peach butter you want :)

  7. Oh I forgot, Apple Pie Gal-DH and I love the honey! I got a little sample before he took the jar away LOL. Do you sell it? If yes, do you have an online place to buy? If no, :( But thanks for what we got!

  8. Hey there - i've got some honey that looks a lot like that.... ;)

    I cant' wait to hear how the peach butter turns out! Never tried that, but I bet its divine!


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