Saturday, July 9, 2011

Chocolate Chippy Day

 First thing this morning I headed out to pick the cucumbers. They are taking over! Right next to them is supposed to be a lovely row of sweet corn. Now, when DH and I were picking the cucumbers the other day, we noticed some of that corn was on the ground-knocked off the stalk. We assumed it had been taken out by the storm the night before. And there was a storm last night. And there was more corn ripped off the stalks today. But this corn had been eaten. Last time I checked, thunder and lightning don't have a particular fondness for the taste of sweet corn.
 I also noticed some funny looking white fluff scattered around. What could that be? Is that...TOILET PAPER??? No, it's only seed tape. I guess the chickens thought it was a special treat just for them!
 I took in the armful of cucumbers and gave in to the niggling thoughts in the back of my brain (where brave men won't go!) It is time to DO something with these cukes before they go to waste. Pickling is a new concept for me but hey, I'm up for anything, once. I had picked up a packet of pickle mix the other day so I grabbed it up and studied like I was going to be taking a pickle test. I followed the directions to the letter. And instead of the said 4 pints of pickles promised, I got 3. So I've got leftover cut-up cucumbers and some that haven't been cut yet. It was time to hit the information highway for cucumber ideas. And I found what I thought was a really good looking recipe for dill relish. Only after much cooking and sweating and possibly a few tears, the end result was a runny mess that tasted really sweet. I canned it anyway-who knows, maybe DH will like it!?!
 Since I was already frustrated I decided to go for broke and try a new banana bread recipe I've been wanting to try for ages. I really like my old recipe but this one uses whole wheat flour and I like the idea of whole grain. But my kitchen was soooo hot from canning the pickles and relish that I modified the recipe to try in my bread machine. My machine is the kind where you put in all the wet ingredients and then add in the dry. So I filled up the pan with the butter, eggs, vanilla, etc.. then pulled the whole wheat flour out of the cabinet. And I got a big surprise-moths. Ok, that flour had been up there a couple months. So I got out the new bag and, you probably guessed it-moths. Now I know I'm in trouble. So I throw the rest of the ingredients in the pan and use my all-purpose flour(moth free in a Tupperware canister!) The bread has been cooking for a little bit now and I have to say, it doesn't look quite right! But I'll let it finish and see what happens.
 While I'm waiting, I've been cleaning out the kitchen cabinets. The last thing I need is a moth infestation so everything that has been opened has been pitched! I store most of my opened dry goods in glass jars or gallon size freezer bags but I'm not taking any chances. Thankfully, there isn't a whole lot of that. 
 And just so you know, today wasn't a total wipe out-I have leftover chocolate chips from the banana bread. What more could a girl want? 

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