Saturday, June 11, 2011

A walk on the wild side...

Dear Diary,
Today I met a boy, and he smiled at me.  I think this is love!  I want to marry him!

Whoops!  That must be someone else's blog.

It all started when I thought I would do something nice for my DM- step into her shoes for a few days.  You know... take a walk on the wild side.  This adventure?  It's so much more than I imagined.  More challenging.  More exhausting.  More important!  This life that she lives is richer... funnier... and more thrilling than the 5 slow, boring days I had pictured.

Day 1.  Thought I had it all down.  Hahahahaha.

Day 2.  (That's today.  It feels like 9 days all packed into one.)  Have you ever had one of THOSE days??  You know... the days that make for epic blog posts?  One of those days when you just KNOW that Whoever is writing this story is having one colossal laugh?

My morning started at around 1 AM.  The darling dogs my mother keeps as house pets thought they should let me know that it was storming outside and that they were not happy about it.  Finally I let them up on the couch with me.  2 AM.  The end of the couch was not enough for them.  They really felt better laying RIGHT next to me.  2:30 AM.  No, maybe the end of the couch after all.  3 AM.  Maybe next to me was better.  Finally got some decent sleep around 4 AM.  Woke up at 7 with no time for a shower.  Vacation Bible School was today, and I had to do the "farm chores" and drive 40 minutes to the other side of the county to play (ironically enough) a farmer.

7:30 AM.  Headed outside to feed dear Archie the goat.  In the rain.  7:40 AM.  Discovered the house had locked me out.  In the rain.  7:45 AM.  Laid on my back in the mud to get back in the house.  In the rain.  7:50 AM.  Went downstairs to change clothes.  Stepped on a staple in the basement in my bare feet.  7:55 AM.  Dressed and bandaged my bleeding foot.  Got dressed.  FINALLY made it out of the house ten minutes late.

After that night and that morning, I NEEDED COFFEE!!  8:45 Stopped through McDonald's drive through.  9:04 Got to VBS!! (LATE!!)  What a blessing to see ALL THOSE KIDS come rushing into the "market place" eager to explore the crafts we were doing and learn the history of Jesus's time!!  What an exhausting day watching all those kids!

4:00 PM.  Discovered that you do not, in fact, choose when to feed your animals.  Your animals TELL you when they want fed.  Mixed up another bottle for Archie.  He LOVES his milk!  What a cutie!

4:10  The chickens are HUNGRY!!  I get the food, and one of those darn hens had the tenacity to PECK MY HAND!!  Checked on the sick chickie, too.  She's not doing so good.  :(  She hasn't moved much between yesterday and today.  I put a special little pile of (whatever it is they eat?) in front of her so she could reach it.

4:35  Time to feed the rabbits!  The storm last night turned their pellets into mush, so I had to clean out their feed boxes.  And the goat loves to eat my pants.  He's not so cute when he's right in the way of the task you're trying to do... right underfoot everywhere you move.  He's not so cute when the flies are biting and the rabbits need food and the goat won't stop eating your pants.

4:50  Rabbit's food box will NOT reattach to its cage.  Time to call SuperMom!  But her super powers don't reach through the phone.  Praying the rain stays away so the poor thing won't lose his (her?) food.

5:00  Exhausted collapse into the recliner.  My feet hurt.  My back hurts.  I have some kind of bug bite on my finger.  My thumb is red and swollen where the chicken got me.  My hair is in disarray.  My pants are dirty.  I look like I've DONE something today!  I FEEL like I've done something today!

6:00  Just remembered.  THE DAY'S NOT OVER YET!!

This walk on the wild side... it's only just begun.


  1. Sounds like you had a full day. Just hand in there, you can do it. :)

  2. HOW many more days do you have to do this???

    You'll get into the swing of things! Although I can tell you from personal experience that the goats will not, ever, never, stop chewing on your pants....or stealing the buckets, or trying to trip you when you're walking, or.....

  3. Sounds like one of my days! Hope the rest go by quickly for you!


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