Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sun, Sun, Sun

Here it comes! Yay!! When I woke up this morning it was shining in the window so bright! My first thought was, "Oh, no! I overslept!" But I hadn't missed my normal wakeup time by much. My second thought was to log right on to a weather website and see how long the sun was going to stick around. But I've talked myself out of that silly notion. Why take a chance on ruining a good day by dreading what may be coming??? So I'm just concentrating on the GOOD stuff.
 DH is on his way home from Detroit. He's been gone for a long 2 weeks and I'm looking forward to catching up. We've got a birthday and Father's Day to make up for.
 There wasn't much damage from the last storm system, just some little branches down. I picked up the ones that had leaves on them and gave them to the goats. They acted like it was Christmas! I'll be glad when their pen is done-then they can munch on all the trees all they want.
 The four little rabbits are growing like weeds! A full feeder box is not enough for daily feeding anymore. But they are happily taking care of the garden scraps, turning them into fertilizer for free. They do such a great job!
 The garden is also growing like weeds-and with weeds! I can't keep up with it all the time but I'll get a good chance to work in it today. No dodging rain showers!
 It's going to be a great day! Hope you enjoy yours, also!

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