Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rolling in the Dough

 Well, not really rolling. Because I can't find my rolling pin. I've only got one (how many rolling pins are truly necessary??) I searched high and low, behind the homestead tupperware (ie empty cool whip bowls), in the cabinet with the food processor which only comes out once or twice a year, behind the refrigerator (yeah, by time I went there I was desperate), and in the catch-all drawer (where it wouldn't have fit no matter how hard I tried.) No rolling pin was to be found in my kitchen. That leaves two places it might be: 1-in DH's workshop. Don't roll your eyes, it could happen. I've found sooo many things that rightfully belonged in my kitchen hiding out in the workshop. Which I find very ironic because sooo many things that rightfully belong in the workshop tend to stack up in the kitchen (he'll take them next trip down there- he PROMISES.) But I really think the rolling pin will turn up in place #2-where it actually belongs in the kitchen. I bet I've overlooked it 20 times today. Oh well, I couldn't turn the dough into cinnamon rolls as originally planned but there are some nice yeast rolls rising in the pans about ready to go in the oven. And I have a yummy batch of roasted (store bought) tomatoes cooling. The roma tomatoes were on sale so I snatched a bunch up. I'll be glad when the ones in the garden are ripe! There are plenty of recipes for roasted tomatoes on the internet but here's mine:
 Cut tomatoes in half. Lay skin side down on cookie sheet. To your liking mix some minced garlic and basil, salt, pepper, and olive oil. Spread over tomatoes. Roast in 250 degree oven for 6 hours then periodically check on them til they reach desired amount of roastedness(?). Let cool and try not to eat them all before you store them in the fridge for salads, pasta, pizza, couscous, etc...
Before Roasting

After Roasting
What I learned today: If you wear flip-flops to feed your chickens, make sure you take off the toe ring with the shiny red stone first!


  1. Mind sharing your recipe for cinnamon rolls? I've never made them (go figure, I think I've made any/everything else under the stars).

    As for your toe ring becomming chicken snacks, the same thing happens with my flip flops with the little beads on them. Several of the beads are now missing (i.e. sitting in chicken intestines).

  2. Those look delicious! I hope next year to be able to make them with my own tomatoes. I didn't plant any of the right kind this year. But, I might try it anyway with some of mine if I get any that ripen on their own. That seems questionable at this point, but I have high hopes anyway.

  3. Ooh I've got a recipe request-how cool is that?!? I'll make that my post for today.

    And Patty-if you try the other tomatoes, let me know how it turns out. I've been curious. I pick my tomatoes before they are fully ripe, kind of an orangey almost ripe and so far I've got 2. They are slow this year!


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