Friday, June 3, 2011


  So I finally got serious in my desire to cut down some laundry costs. Anyone else outraged at how much a bottle of Tide costs? Well, I am. I got to googling homemade laundry detergents yesterday and found dozens of sites that all had the same basic recipe and they all said "some ingredients aren't readily available and may need to be ordered online." Hey, no problem. I'm a pro at spending money online! But first I checked the Wally World website to make sure they didn't have the stuff. Yep- Arm and Hammer washing soda didn't even show up in the search on the main site let alone the local store. So to the rescue. And would you believe all the ingredients for homemade soap showed up on the same page?? Go figure!
  While I'm waiting on my super saver detergent ingredients, I still have to do laundry. Yesterday in particular since 2 beagles managed to sneak in my bed the night before-those blankets needed washed! So I threw them in, filled up the washer, and .....nothing. The washer is broken. Checked the breaker-replugged it in-spun the dial-kicked it- broken. Great. Well, since DH is in Atlanta and refuses to run home to Indiana for a quick(I think) washer replacement session, I will be visiting the local laundromat for a while.
  So I got 2 water logged blankets out of the washer and ran them-very quickly- out to the clothesline which is another whole entire ballgame. The clothesline has been on the honey-do list since last year. Poor DH just hasn't had enough time to fix it with all the other projects I've sprung on him lately (he loves me hehe.) He made me the neatest clothesline poles when we first moved here-top quality stainless steel! But at that time we didn't know how soft our ground was going to be so they weren't set deep enough. So the blankets are sagging badly.
   After finally getting the blankets out and the floor mopped up, I ran to Wally World to pick up a few things. I walked down the laundry aisle and guess what I see? All the ingredients for homemade laundry detergent! They were all lined up in a neat little row. Go figure!
  I don't know if I "Gain"ed anything from this day except I need a new "Method" to do laundry. If I don't get everything fixed soon, DH could become a "Pure-ex."    Nah, I'll just roll with the "Tide!"

my custom clothesline post-made with love!


  1. I've been using homemade detergent like this one for about three years now. Love it! Happy laundering! When the washer's repaired, that is. Hope it's just a quick fix.

  2. Tammi-
    We've been using homemade for over a year. Rural King has everything you need and they run it on sale every couple of months. Stock up then!

  3. Why didn't I think of Rural King??? Because by the time we have thoroughly studied everything in the feed and fencing aisles, I've forgotten I have a house to take care of also. GEESH I will check it out after I use up everything that's coming in the mail! lol


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