Saturday, June 18, 2011

Just Another Day (in paradise!)

 I went back to the auction last night and came home with another goat. Betcha didn't see that coming haha! I got a cute little doe. She is really shy so I'm winning her over slowly. I don't know her age or breed. The goat lady sitting beside me at the auction said, "she will grow up to be a full size goat." The little Amish boy who helped me load her up said, "oh, this one came off our farm. She's around a year old and been bred." Geesh!
 We had severe thunderstorms all night long and I worried about her but when I went out this morning to give Archie his bottle, they were curled up together, snoozing. So I have hope this was a good decision.
 After I got them fed and dry straw put down, I had to clean out the rabbit feeders-the storms had filled them with water, again! Then I took off for the nursing home to help my grandma. She needs someone to help her change clothes and to thread her needles(she loves to quilt!) I got her settled in for the day and headed to Rural King to pick up a small bale of hay for the goat. Archie is still so small he just munches on the rabbits timothy hay but I knew that would not work for a bigger goat. I got the hay loaded up, pulled out of the parking lot and it started raining again. Yikes! I tried to hurry home before the hay got too wet but I hit every red light in town and got stuck behind a tractor out of town. By the way, who drives a tractor down the road when it's too wet to be in the fields??? Needless to say, I had wet hay when I finally got home. And the ground was too soft to drive to a good unloading spot so I had to carry it for miles (ok not miles but a long way.)  Then I went to check for eggs in the coop and got another surprise-the storms had blown water in the windows so hard that the floor was soaked. DH had fixed the leaky roof so I was NOT expecting that. Yes, more raking and putting down fresh straw.
 Breakfast time had came and went. Lunch time was starting to fade away when I finally sat down to my first cup of coffee-at my pretty farm table in my freshly painted kitchen with a rooster crowing for my listening enjoyment. Paradise!
 PS: goat pix didn't turn out good with the clouds and rain so I will post some as soon as I get good ones!

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