Tuesday, June 7, 2011

home projects (our way)

 I hear there are people who start their remodeling projects by planning everything from start to finish. That sounds like a good way to have everything go smoothly from start to finish. We, on the other hand, prefer to do our projects in a "fly by the seat of our pants" kind of way. The other way would probably never make it past the first step at our place. We just want to make sure nothing gets boring around here! So here's the first part of our laundry room project in case you ever want to try things "our way":
 For starters pick a project that you wish to get around to someday. Said project must be a subject that can be tossed around in a dreamy kind of way for a few years. Urgent things that need done right now won't survive "our way" and must be handled by a professional. We ARE professionals (but not at this.) So our laundry project passed the-we'll get around to it test- nicely. It had moved to "urgent" status after several years of being discussed and misinterpreted by all parties involved.
  After you get the green light to begin a project, it's handy to be indecisive about the purchases you need to make, For example, my DH has a DW who only wanted American made products that were as environmentally friendly as possible and didn't cost more than an arm and a leg. So much valuable time was spent in the shopping phase.
 Next up in the "our way" process is to put the project into the do-it-now phase at an inopportune time. We managed this by scheduling it  when DH has less than the expected time to complete it AND while we are having our first experience with bloat in a baby goat. (Double score!)
 Once you get the timing down, it's all downhill! Be sure you didn't follow what DH meant when he was talking about the location of the project. (Who really wants their washer and dryer in the same room, anyway??) And after you get lined out on proper placement be prepared to listen sympathetically while he explains all the things he will have to do to get it there. It will make him so much happier on the 2nd trip to the hardware store if you smile and nod while he gives you the list.
 I managed to sneak off and get these handy tips typed up while he is gone to get more supplies- hoping to have everything done tomorrow! We really do enjoy working on things together (especially when I can manage to stay out of his hair.) I will be sure to let you know how it turns out.
 BTW-vegetable oil has seemed to really help the goat. He's up running around and hungry again. YAY

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