Monday, June 6, 2011

Beans and Cornbread

 DH is on his way home from Atlanta! He should be rolling in within a few hours. Translated to MY language: "Help is on the way!"
 We've will have 3 whole days to get some stuff done before we head off to Texas for a wedding. On the list of stuff to do: 1) Pick up his new glasses. This comes first because I need him to be able to read the fine print when we 2) get our new washer and dryer. Our little farmhouse didn't come with a laundry room so I have suffered with the appliances in the main bathroom with the promise of  "someday" we will move them to the basement. Guess what? It's someday!! I'm blessed to have a DH who knows a lot about pipes and hookups. We've also got to 3) pick up a lot of metal that was blown around during the last storm and haul it off so the trailer will be available to 4) pick up stock panels so we can get Archie into a real pen and make room for a friend(or 2 hehehe.) whew!
 Since he is going to be working so hard, I'm making one of his favorite meals for tomorrow-beans and cornbread. It's really warm here and I don't want to heat up my  house so I'm cooking the beans in the crockpot. I will cook the cornbread in the cool of the evening and that means- NO cooking tomorrow while we are doing all that work!  DH likes ham hocks in his beans but I don't have any so they will be seasoned with onion, bacon, and seasoned salt. I put a little baking soda in, too, to help ward off side effects lol. A little chow chow and some fresh green onions on the side and he will be a happy camper. Anyone have a bean recipe they want to share?

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