Tuesday, May 24, 2011

One of my gems

Long, long ago(1983!), after a couple months of wedded bliss my sweet husband lovingly brought to my attention that sometimes too much macaroni and cheese can be a bad thing. He also pointed out that although it was ok once in a while, not every man's dream breakfast was coffee and a twinkie. Well, coffee and mac and cheese(from a box) was about all I had mastered at that time. So what was a girl to do but run home to mom for help? OK at this point in the narrative I have to admit that I could have listened to mom when I was still living with her and saved myself some trouble BUT it worked out to my advantage, because my wonderful mom gave me these:
Meta Given's Modern Encyclopedia of Cooking
These are 2 cookbooks she bought from a door-to-door encyclopedia salesman back around 1966 while our family was living on an army base in Killeen, Tx. And I have discovered through the years what a real treasure she has given me! The original copyright is 1947. This is the New Revised Edition copyright 1959. Don't be fooled by the picture-there is very little binding left on these dear books, they are literally in pieces.
 Inside are the only recipes I will use for apple cobbler, french bread, chocolate chip cookies, blackberry dumplings, and all the rest of my family's favorites. 
 Since we are in the peak of egg season, I pulled these out to look for egg recipes. A girl can only eat so much egg salad! 
Egg section of books
I got way more egg info than I bargained for-plus the index has one and a half pages of just egg recipes-Score! The whole set is like that-info on butchering, menu planning, wild game, etc... I about had a heart attack when we started raising rabbits and then I couldn't find the rabbit section of the books(it was hiding at the back of a cabinet.) And just out of curiosity, while hunting up egg recipes today, I looked under Guinea and found 3 recipes for that, too! So look for me to have a new egg dish to share tomorrow.

Yesterday's egg salad with cumin-yummy!

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  1. I have a passion for old cook books, real recipes with real ingredients!!


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