Monday, May 23, 2011

No tears!

My first animal butchering experience is over and I get a gold star for no tears! I have eaten animals grown by grandparents but never was involved in the killing or processing so I didn't know if I would get emotional or not. Score one for this homesteading wife! OK-DH did most of the actual butchering but I helped hold the feet when we were stringing it up and during the skinning. AND I cleaned up all the mess afterwards, so that counts doesn't it? I'm sooo proud that I have a bird to cook and put on the table that I grew myself. I know what the bird has eaten since day 1(well, not every single bug but you know...) and all the care it got while it was alive. Yay!! Here is a pic I snapped when we had most of the cleaning done and were taking it inside to finish up:
Home-grown guinea hen

About skinning-it definitely has to be the easiest option when you are only doing one bird. We hope to have a better setup that will allow us to pluck when the time comes to do the little roos in our chicken flock. DH has left for work so I am left to hold down the fort until he returns-hopefully for Memorial Weekend. Our hometown has the neatest Revolutionary War Reenactment weekend. The "commons" has exhibits and demonstrations of the period and some sell trinkets, material, herbs, dishes, live plants, etc... I can't wait to go!

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  1. Congrats on your first butchering! There's no better feeling than sitting down with the family to a dinner that you personally took from keet (or chick, or calf, etc.) to the hungry bellies of your family.

    You will be forever a food "snob" now. Homegrown rocks!


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