Saturday, May 14, 2011


Mrs. Rabbit has started pulling her fur and lining the nesting box with it. I think she will be kindling any day!! I'm anxious to see what kind of mama she will be since we didn't buy a "backup" this year. Seeing her line the nest is putting some of my fears to rest as the last rabbits we tried didn't start pulling fur until after the babies were born. They were too young to know what to do with the bunnies after they had them.
 And I've read  25% more of the sustainability book on my Kindle. This part covered buildings for tools, machinery and animals. It told what kind of buildings were acceptable but didn't give any details about how to build them. So far I haven't found any information in it that would be helpful to me. I will dig in deeper and see if I can learn anything in the rest of the book!
 The temperature dropped today and it is cloudy but I managed to get a picture of DH's climbing roses coming into bloom.

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