Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'll spin you a yarn

Well, after 2 days of tearing out more stitches than I could count, I switched to a basic double crochet afghan to get my feet wet! This one doesn't require counting stitches.

This is after about 4 hours of work so I should have it done in no time. I'm loving every stitch! While I am keeping my hands busy, my mind gets to concentrate on prayers and counting my blessings. As you can see in the picture, the jigsaw puzzle is on hold-waiting for another rainy day.
 I got a lovely surprise from a neighbor today:
 These won't see the landfill til they've been reused. I think there are enough here to last several months-hope this doesn't intimidate the hens! Maybe they will just be inspired...
 I managed to catch Sir Crowsalot in mid crow today:

He was making sure I knew that he is "the man."

Tomorrow I will be working on a feed sack project-can't wait to show you!

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