Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

 I can't think of anything harder and yet more rewarding than being a mom. My kids have grown and moved out of our home, but they still are in and out the door on a regular basis.
 We lived in a rural setting most of their growing up years but didn't really embrace this lifestyle until they were gone. I think they were a little surprised when our garden started getting bigger and small livestock started appearing! But they have been very supportive, even helpful.
 Today, my Mother's Day gifts reflect that. I got a new rabbit nesting box for the mama rabbit. I had been worried about finding one in time but my sons came to the rescue!
mama checking out new nesting box

My kids know that daisies are my absolute favorite flowers. I have tried for years to get them to grow here but have never had any luck. So today I got a huge bouquet of daisies.
beautiful bouquet!

 And I got a new bread knife-maybe they're hoping this one will slice straighter! (We will blame the crooked slices on the knife, not the mom!) On top of all that, they took me out to a wonderful lunch!
 God has truly given me a great bunch of kids!

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