Tuesday, May 10, 2011

and Ends (how'd you guess??)

The hen came back! The poor little Black Marans that I had lamented the loss of yesterday was in the coop when I went to lock up last night! She must have a favorite hiding spot because she is nowhere to be seen since being let out to free-range this morning. As for the yuck I cleaned up, I am left to wonder. There are no injured birds so.......hmmm.
Black Beauty beside Sir Crowsalot and 2 Buffs
I had to put more straw on the potato plants today! I'm thrilled since potatoes have never done well here.
Red potato vines
And I found a nest of guinea eggs when I went to investigate why the guineas were flocked around a pine tree that a storm had brought down.
Guinea nest
I wonder why other animals didn't get into these while the guineas were cooped up at night? Once again, hmmm.
We always have trouble with out tomato plants once their vines are taller than the commercial cages we buy. This year I think I've found a solution:
Ornamental Bamboo
Laying on the ground around the pretty bamboo is stalks of dead bamboo that we just burn every year. I think it is sturdy enough to put in the tomato cages and tie the plants to! We shall see, hmmm.... Now if I could just find a use for all the wild honeysuckle that is trying to take over the fruit trees!
Now the sky is clouding up so the outside odds and ends are done for today. I'm going to work on that afghan the rest of the evening and post a progress picture tomorrow!
Numbers 6:24  The LORD bless thee, and keep thee

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