Saturday, April 16, 2011

No graven images

Yesterday was a busy day. DH is home from a long week on the road so we are catching up on everything that I can't do on my own. We got stocked up on feed, repaired the rabbit cages that weren't too badly damaged by predators(sad story), and then took off for the Amish auction to replace our rabbits. I wasn't sure I wanted to take this project on again after losing the last bunch but we have all the supplies and space reserved, so in the true homesteading spirit, I will not quit! Although there were a lot of people taking pictures at the auction, I know the Amish don't like it and it is against their religion. So I have no pictures of my new rabbits yet(it was too dark when we got home.) I will try to get a good picture of our setup today. Got to go get DH busy on another project now-while I have him here!

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