Thursday, April 28, 2011

Let the Son Shine!

Praising God for waking up to sunshine this morning. Many people are hurting in the South from the tornadoes yesterday. I pray for their healing and comfort.
We had more thunderstorms but nothing too severe and I'm thankful for that. Today was a busy day. DH came home for a doctor visit so I put him to work while he was here. We loaded up our storage container(a discarded deep freeze) with chicken and rabbit feed. Then we replanted the seeds in the garden that hadn't sprouted-3 rows of sweet corn and 10 green beans. I also added another row of onions. I like to stagger them so they aren't all ready to harvest at the same time. The potatoes under the straw are growing like crazy-I think it's the rabbit "fertilizer."
 We have had problems with our dogs escaping from our new chain link fence. The gates have gaps that beagles can fit through. So we stopped at Lowe's and talked to the installation manager since they installed our fence. The guy was very helpful and assured us someone would be out to fix it within 48 hours. We have had no complaints about anything Lowe's has ever done for us or sold us-very reliable!
 Then we stopped at Rural King and TSC to look for rabbit nesting boxes. By my calculation, we need to have one in the cage in a week. Neither store had any in stock so tomorrow I will be looking for a substitute.
 It looks like the weather is going to continue to improve. By Saturday I will be able to get into the landscaping in our front yard-yikes the weeds! 

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