Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Feeling fruity

Can't wait to have my own fruit!
Apple tree in full bloom
I ran errands "in town" yesterday afternoon and stopped by the local Wally World to pick up a bag of apples. Of course the plain old everyday apples were out of stock and the organic bin was overflowing. I had to choose between driving 10 miles across town to the only other grocery store or purchase the organics-sure did enjoy that (luxury) organic apple when I got home. Paying $5 for a 3lb. bag of apples went against my grain, though. So today I am checking out the fruit trees at home. I had to spray fungicide on them due to fungus in the peach trees last year. I hope that takes care of it! Otherwise, I'm counting on my guinea fowl to keep the bugs down.
Guinea pest control service

Maybe I'll get my own (luxury) apples this year.

We plant a new blueberry bush every year to add to our little group and my dh got that taken care of last week. Really looking forward to fresh blueberries! The weatherman promised it would warm up today so later I will be weeding out the blackberry patch. And since we are in Knox County, naturally there is a watermelon (or 3) in the garden!

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  1. Wow! Plants are looking beautiful! Are you going to sell any produce or is it strictly for personal consumption?


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