Monday, April 25, 2011

Anyone Have an Extra Ark?

Happy Belated Easter.
Lightning struck our internet provider tower so I haven't had internet access for a few days.
 Oh man, the rain. I can't remember the last day it didn't. Someone mentioned they saw sand bagging equipment coming to town via National Guard. Our White River is supposed to break records in the next few days. I haven't heard how the Wabash is yet. The city has put up the flood gates. We aren't close enough to the river for worries about ourselves but we pray for neighbors.
 Right now I am dealing with MUD. Lots of mud. And one of my rubber boots sprang a leak in the sole. So I sink when I go out and come in with a wet sock! The roof in the chicken coop has been leaking right over the nesting boxes so the chickens are finding interesting places to lay their eggs-I've been having my own egg hunts every day! That roof is the first thing on the honey-do list when DH returns. Our guineas have started laying regularly! I find their tiny eggs very interesting. The shells are very hard to break! I wonder if it is because they share the chicken feed-to which we add oyster shell. Hmmm. They sure are tasty, though.
Pullets under a blueberry bush
 The pullets are growing like weeds! They've started to venture out of the coop and free range.

Soon we will be sorting them and the roosters will be going in the freezer. One rooster is enough!


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